Bosančica Posters



We created Bosančica Posters partly to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Bosnia & Herzegovina and partly because we enjoy the creative process that goes into developing a product like this.

The posters are hand crafted, starting from hand calligraphed letterforms which were then digitised for the offset and letterpess prints.

Each poster has 9 letters gilded in real 24 carat gold. The gold letters spell out "bosančica". Gilding is a very time consuming and delicate process, but the end result is well worth it!

We used two different print methods – offset and letterpress. Letterpess produces a highly tactile finish and adds a special touch to the limited series of 100 letterpess posters.

We created an even more limited series of 50 hand calligraphed posters. In addition to the 9 gold letters, every letter on these posters was hand calligraphed in India ink.

You can read more about our motivation and process in our blog post.

Vedran & Emily