Bosančica Posters


Is the gold real?

Yes, the gold is as real as it gets. 24 carat gold leaf is applied to 9 letters on each poster.

How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping is free. Whether you live in Australia or Zanzibar, we'll ship the posters to you for free.

How soon will you ship the poster after I place my order?

We produce the posters as they are ordered, so it may take us up to a week to finish your poster. The process of producing the process is manual, and some of the steps take a long time, including drying times for the glue.

How do you ship the posters?

The posters are shipped in poster tubes.

Won't the gold leaf get damaged when you roll the posters in the poster tube?

Gold is a very soft metal, and gold leaf itself is incredibly flexible due to the fact it is very thin. The adhesive used to stick the gold to the paper is purpose made for this, so you have nothing to worry about.

Can I scratch the gold off?

Well, if you try hard enough with a hard objects, sure you can. However, gently handling the poster and framing it should not damage the gold letters.

Do you really hand calligraph the letters on the hand calligraphed poster?

Yes, yes we do. It takes a long time, but the end result is worth it. Keep in mind that we do this only for the limited series of 50 hand calligraphed posters. For the rest of the posters, we hand calligraphed the letters and digitised them, before having them printed using an offset press or a letterpress.

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