Bosančica Posters


with 24 carat gold


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We fell in love with letterpress printing from the moment we experienced the process first hand. It takes you back to a time when producing prints required real craftsmanship and precision.

Combining the letterpress process with a high quality 250gsm paper stock gives a unique tactile feel to these posters.

Limited series of 100


This is a limited series – your poster will be hand numbered as one out of 100 available.

To make them even more unique, our letterpress posters are printed on an Asbern Proof Press – one of only 30 left in the world! This is the reason for the somewhat odd paper size. It sits between A3 and A2 and is the biggest paper size that fits on the Asbern press.

Each poster includes 9 letters hand gilded in 24 carat gold. The 9 gold letters spell out "bosančica" using the alphabet itself.

The letterforms are based on a hand calligraphed interpretation of the letterforms found on Povelja Kulina Bana (Charter of Ban Kulin), considered the oldest and one of the most significant documents written in Bosančica.


Size: 35 x 50 cm | 13.78 x 19.69 inches
Paper: 250gsm | chilled white
Gold: 9 letters | 24 carat gold

Frame not included

About Bosančica

Bosančica is an extinct variant of the Cyrillic alphabet, used across Bosnia & Herzegovina and bordering areas of Croatia, from the 10th to the 18th century. Today, it can still be seen on the UNESCO protected Stećci (medieval tombstones) around the region’s countryside.


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